September 2017 Enid Writers Club Meeting

The Roll Call topic was won by Cathy Thorp

Bent Forks *

Cathy Thorp


When you come to the fork in the road, take it.

Not just to eat dessert first, but seek hunger to discern desire.

Then in the defiance of chaos we know

The outbound flow, the temper tempted.

Journeys began, continued, yet we never arrive

Where we planned on the roadmap we saw in our minds.

Are destined to follow old trails overrun

With thick thorns of regret we cannot forget?

Faith leads us on the road yet unseen

Unprepared, yet unwilling to remain in our pain

Move on in the light of a brighter sun

Where self-imposed blocks no longer remain.

Take the fork in the road, and go, travel far

Every turn we’ve made brings us to where we are.



First Meeting of the Season will be September 7, 2017

The fall season of the Enid Writers Club will begin on September 7, 2017, 6:30 at NWOSU Conference Room.  The club meets September through May of each year.  All are invited.  Each month there are writing assignments of no more than 150 words called “Roll Call Topics.” The roll call topics for this year are as follows:

Roll Call Topics for EWC 2017-2018 

Sept 7, 2017                                      On the Road Again

Oct 5, 2017                                        My Favorite Author

Nov 2, 2017                                       In a Forest or Up a Tree

Dec 7, 2017                                       Bah Humbug!

Jan 4, 2018                                        Oh What a Night!

Feb 1, 2018                                        Write 2 or 3 six-word stories

Mar 1, 2018                                       Killing Your Darlings; a crime story

Apr 7, 2018                                       My Computer is Killing Me

Annual Banquet May 11, 2017

    The annual banquet of the Enid Writers Club will be held on May 11, 2017 at 6:00 pm.  The banquet will be held this year at Chen Garden in Oakwood Mall in their meeting room.  We will present the awards for our annual conference at the banquet.  The club will break for the summer to resume the first Thursday of September at NWOSU.  Hope to see you there!


fountain pen    

Enid Writers Club and the Enid Arts Council is pleased to present a free writing event on Saturday, April 22nd from 12:30pm-5:00pm. The event will be held at the Enid Public Library, 120 West Maine, Enid, OK.

The EWC will be welcoming Shayla Eaton President of Curiouser Editing. Ms. Eaton will be giving classes on how to professionally edit and market your work.

And Dr. DeLisa Ging, Professor of English, Northern Oklahoma College – Dr. Ging teaches by having others write.  After she talks about several different topics, you will break into groups and using evidence, draft a murder mystery!

This event is completely free and open to anyone looking to improve their writing, however there is limited seating. Please fill out the registration form at to reserve your spot.