February Roll Call Winner

The following is the winner of the February Roll Call Contest:


Six Word Stories

Cam Prochaska 

Partners in crime share adjacent cells.

My phantom legs won a marathon.

Henry Ford’s ghost haunts Chevrolet dealerships.

Mount Rushmore loses face during earthquake.

Three blind mice inhabit optometrist’s office.

Sashquatch revealed to be presidential advisor.


Winners of the January Roll Call Contest

January Roll Call

Martha Draper

             Growing up in rural Oklahoma and loving all animals, she’d asked dad for a horse. He explained how living in town and feeding one were not doable.  She was content with her cats and dogs then one day read Robert Frost’s poem, “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” and treasured every word.  She could imagine being inside a horse pulled sleigh in a forest full of snow.

            Years passed, and she put this horse neighing, sleigh ride on a bucket list.

            She cringed at the thought of traveling to the mountains then the trek up.

            For birthday number seventy, her friends loaned her a virtual reality gizmo and in their company with a hot chocolate party, she went on her sleigh ride. They laughed and sang and later that night in her usual journal writing she began, “Oh what a night.”


It Happened One Night

James C. Arnold


He spewed out a line of guano, got her almost there.

He sees her look of surrender. She’ll follow him anywhere.


Seal the deal. You know you want her. Another battle won.

It’s not her name that matters, it’s the conquest that’s the fun.


She also enjoys the chase, thinking she’s his special girl.

But the only thing he wants, is to take her for a whirl.


Then everything was ruined when he looked deep in her eyes.

Saw intense, unblemished, love – ashamed of all his lies.


It’s become more than a one-night-stand, he had to touch her soul.
Maybe he could redeem his own, that’s now his only goal.


They talked and talked till the morning light, he couldn’t let her go.

For he’d stumbled into a kind of love he never dreamed he’d know.

Winners of the December Roll Call Contest


Cam Prochaska 

The turnkey in the old music box still clicked, even after setting unused all these years.  The melody tinkled in the hollow air of the old vacant house as I looked at the plaques and photos still hanging on the dusty walls.  A profound sadness engulfed me.  Where had time gone?  Those in the photos were now ghosts, the prints on the plaques reminders that they once existed, full of life, rigor, and happiness.  I wanted to crawl into the photos and be with them once again, time at stand still.  The wistful wind blowing outside amplified my loneliness. They would not be coming back, ever.

My face wet with tears, I sat and stared at the lifeless photos as the music box wound down and finally stopped playing, “You are my Sunshine.”

 Bah… Humbug?

Cathy Thorp

           Sometimes I see no sense in manic merrymaking.

          I think I’ll sit back, read a book and sip a cup of tea.

          I send Christmas cards to those whom I remember.

          I drop five dollars as my anonymous tithe in a few red kettles.

          And singing has eased me from my shell somewhat

          To share the joy of music that’s always been in me.

          I bought a silly Bah Humbug hat for my hubby.

          He’s not a Scrooge at all, just a stay at home kind of guy.

          The news, the blues, the heavy hearts, way too many I see.

          I do what I can.  I pray for the highest good. I wait and see.


          Mannheim Steamroller is in town tonight. 

          I told myself I’d go next time they came.

          The same night as EWC.  Too bad.

          Maybe next time.  Bah Humbug!

Winner of the November Roll Call contest

Jim Arnold won the traveling trophy for our roll call piece this month.

Tree Climbing Old Fool

 What the heck came over me? Why did I want to climb a tree?

Recapture my youth? Way up high? Now I’m afraid I’m going to die.

 There are rules to getting old. Want to live? Don’t be bold!

This one’s important and profound. Keep your feet on the ground!

 I took a peak, looks awful grim. I have to find a lower limb.

Legs start shaking, grip is weak. Oh, this outcome’s looking bleak.

 Just my luck, it’s starting to rain. I’m convinced I was insane.

The end is near, I start to slip. Probably won’t survive the trip.

 No broken bones or emergency room. No undertaker or graveyard tomb.

It was a massive three foot drop. Thought I was higher. This has to stop.

 Here’s a horrible, getting old, truth. We’re not supposed to relive our youth.