Winner of the November Roll Call contest

Jim Arnold won the traveling trophy for our roll call piece this month.

Tree Climbing Old Fool

 What the heck came over me? Why did I want to climb a tree?

Recapture my youth? Way up high? Now I’m afraid I’m going to die.

 There are rules to getting old. Want to live? Don’t be bold!

This one’s important and profound. Keep your feet on the ground!

 I took a peak, looks awful grim. I have to find a lower limb.

Legs start shaking, grip is weak. Oh, this outcome’s looking bleak.

 Just my luck, it’s starting to rain. I’m convinced I was insane.

The end is near, I start to slip. Probably won’t survive the trip.

 No broken bones or emergency room. No undertaker or graveyard tomb.

It was a massive three foot drop. Thought I was higher. This has to stop.

 Here’s a horrible, getting old, truth. We’re not supposed to relive our youth.




Enid Writers Club Roll Call Topics 2017-2018

Roll Call Topics for EWC 2017-2018 

Sept 7, 2017                                      On the Road Again

Oct 5, 2017                                        My Favorite Author

Nov 2, 2017                                       In a Forest or Up a Tree

Dec 7, 2017                                       Bah Humbug!

Jan 4, 2018                                        Oh What a Night!

Feb 1, 2018                                        Write 2 or 3 six-word stories

Mar 1, 2018                                       Killing Your Darlings; a crime story

Apr 7, 2018                                       My Computer is Killing Me

October Meeting of Enid Writers Club

The Roll Call topic was once again won by Cathy Thorp


October’s Author*

Cathy Thorp


            Welcome, friends to the October country where something wicked this way comes in a graveyard for lunatics underneath the Halloween tree, where grow the golden apples of the sun.

            Farewell, summer!  That last dusty bottle of dandelion wine is my medicine for melancholy.

“You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you”, a quote from my favorite author, Ray Bradbury.  He spun worded webs of wonder through the tattoos of the Illustrated Man.

We took the tour through the Martian Chronicles in a future imagined where one could have a career as a Rocket Man, launched with the sound of thunder, quicker than the eye.

            “You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture, just get people to stop reading them” is a warning and a promise from Fahrenheit 451. Now, and forever, somewhere a band is playing. Listen, learn, read on.