December Meeting of Enid Writers Club

christmas-2014    Each year the Enid Writers Club’s December meeting turns into a party.  This year was not different.  Instead of a program we shared Christmas goodies and had a gift exchange.

We still read our monthly Roll Call pieces and the winning piece was written by Jim Arnold.

High School  Gift

A long stemmed yellow rose in all it’s glory.

I’ll share with you a most unlikely story.

I gave it to a freshman girl, she looked so sad, about to cry.

Make you happy, smells divine, all your problems it’ll rectify.

Years later at her older sister’s, my neighbor across the street,

She said; “That’s the boy who gave the rose. Him I need to meet.”

Her father’s job uprooted her. She didn’t have one friend.

Oh so devastated. This “new beginning” felt like the end.

But the rose sparked queries and best friends for life.

She was slowly forgetting the pain and strife.

Her boyfriend drove to see her that night.

This was starting to turn out alright.

And who knew such a simple gift from an unknown older boy,

Could change the worst day of her life, to one filled with hope and joy.

James C Arnold

Our next meeting will be held on January 5, 2017, 6:30 at NWOSU. Come by and see us!



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