October 6, 2016 Meeting of Enid Writers Club

flag    The October meeting of the Enid Writers Club was held at NWOSU.  Rev. Wade Burleson spoke about historical research.

The 150 word Roll Call topic for the evening was “Free Speech and/or the First Amendment).  Jim Arnold won the contest.  Here is he winning entry:


All amendments are changes; the 1st is freedoms guaranteed.

Religion, speech, press, assembly; basics so we can succeed.

Religious persecution, it can be sponsored by the State.

Christians have, read your history, it’s why they chose to separate.

Abridging speech or press? No! Every citizen should be heard.

Allowed to convince the majority that their ideas are not absurd.

To assemble in peace, or challenge the State when you’re treated unjust.

No King would ever allow it, that’s why in our system we can trust.

With all these freedoms guaranteed, I’m trying not to gloat,

But everybody must do their part, go to the polls and vote.

Voting’s not a privilege. It’s a solemn contract with the State.

You must engage in this process, for it to operate.

And not voting is not an option, choose as best you can.

Remember our self-governing is the best devised by man.


Our next meeting will be held November 3, 2016, 6:30 pm at NWOSU Conference Room.


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