First Enid Writers Club Meeting of 2016

tombstone    Our first meeting of the year took place this week.  Our guest speaker for the evening was Dr. Paul Bowers of NOC who read poetry from his book The Lone, Cautious, Animal Life.

The roll call contest subject was to write a eulogy for yourself or someone else, alive or dead.  The traveling trophy was won by Diana Haslett with her 136 word piece,

Good Riddance Grandpa.

He’s the man that showed me monsters are real and trust is a fallacy. He is the reason I never feel safe. The reason I don’t like to be touched. The reason I hang bells on my bedroom door.

I wasn’t there when he died, but I wanted to be. I’ve fantasized for years about watching him die. Seeing him flat on his back feeble and frail and fearful. Maybe I would have confronted him or maybe I would have forgiven him. I honestly don’t know. But I would have given almost anything to hear him say he was sorry even if he didn’t mean it.

I know there are people who loved him and will miss him, but I’m not one of them.

He was my own personal hell. And I’m glad he’s dead.

The next meeting will be held on October 6, 2016 , 6:30 at NWOSU and our guest speaker will be Rev. Wade Burleson who will be speaking on historical research.


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