The Anthology is Coming!

loom    This week the Enid Writers club has been working on an anthology.  We are putting together a group of various writings from many of the members.  And we are a varied group.  That is what is best about us.  Diversity is a wonderful thing and there is no better way to get to know these people than through their writing. 

We have memoirs, short stories, lots of poetry, and some flash fiction.  We span the genres with mystery, fantasy, horror, westerns, children’s stories, humor and the list goes on.  We are weaving a tapestry, or flying carpet, guaranteed to take you to places you would never go otherwise. 

Writers are the scribes that record history so that others can read it. They are the glue that holds the world together.  Because they not only feel what others feel but hold a mirror to the world reflecting those feelings. They dig to their very core and pull out the insides, holding it up for all to see. 

The anthology will be worth the time reading words from the plains and the plain speakers.  We are the everyday person with everyday thoughts – we just put them down on paper.


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