OWFI Annual Conference

Another year and another OWFI conference has come and gone.  The Oklahoma Writers’ Federation, puts on a writing conference the first part of May every year.  This year’s keynote speaker was New York Times Bestselling Author, Steven James. His murder mystery novels are the complete opposite of his personality.  He always leaves his audience laughing at his antics on stage, not so on paper. His novels are very serious.

The Enid Writers Club had a good showing over the weekend with seven participants. We won in several categories; Flash Fiction, Feature Article, YA Unpublished Novel and Horror Short story. frozen ropeszozobrarejectionRed Eye Certificate


We also won in the costume contest. A lot of work and thought went into them.charlie brown 1charlie brown 3charlie brown 2charlie brown 4


There was cheesecake to die for. cheesecake

 I always love meeting up with old friends and making new ones.  I learn so much every year and I keep going back.  Oklahoma’s OWFI conference is one of the premier writers’ conferences in the country and I’m not the only one who continues to go back. 

As usual, I can’t wait for next year.


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