Results of Annual Contest

excellence    The annual contest results were handed out at the banquet last night.  Results are as follows:


Category 1, Short Story
#1 Paula Benge  “The Photograph” #2 Bobbie Mardis  “The Stowaway” #3 Peggy Chambers “Red Eye”
Category 2, Essay
Martha Draper  “The Burning of Zozobra”
Category 3, Flash Fiction
#1 Bobbie Mardis  “Rejection” #2 Peggy Chambers “A Christmas Story” #3 Lucie Smoker  “Doing the Dishes #3 Martha Draper  “The Mad Hatter”
Category 4, Poetry, Rhymed
#1 Bobbie Mardis  “Ode to Dusty’s Wife” #2 Lucie Smoker  “Just the Way You Think” #3 Martha Draper  “My Felines”
Category 5, Poetry, Unrhymed
#1 Lucie Smoker  “In a Shard of the Bedroom Mirror” #2 Martha Draper  “Blessing or Curse”
Category 6, Inspiration
#1 Martha Draper  “Soliloquy” #2 Lucie Smoker  “Saturday, September 14”
Category 7, Memoir
#1 Bobbie Mardis  “At Home in the Church, Literally” #2 Martha Draper  “Meeting Tony Hillman”
Catetory 8, Humor
#1 Lucie Smoker  “My Husband’s Mostly True Guide to the False      Economies of Eco-mowers” #2 Martha Draper  “A Most Unusual Birthday Party” #3 Peggy Chambers “Zombies are People, Too”
Category 9, Juvenile Short Story
#1 Bobbie Mardis  “Unusual Becky” #2 Martha Draper  “Aggie Rez”
There were no entries for Category 10, Young Adult Short Story.
Category 11, Picture Book
#1 Bobbie Mardis  “The Purple-Haired Man” #2 Peggy Chambers “Ian and the Magic Numbers” #3 Martha Draper  “Wreckage Furbritches”


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