February 4, 2016 Meeting

bucket    The February meeting of the Enid Writers Club was held on the first Thursday of the month at NWOSU.  Lucie Smoker presented her speech on residencies and fellowships that invest in your creative process.

The 150 word count roll call piece was something from your bucket list.  The traveling trophy was won by Jim Arnold:

It Didn’t Make The List

I used to have a bucket list filled almost to the top

And only if I died was I ever going to stop. 

Every new adventure, every tale I heard,

Would make it on that list, I wrote them word for word.

 My life was taking second place to hopes of what might be,

But shattered dreams and anguish was something I didn’t foresee.

As I grew busy I soon forgot that bucket sitting there,

Nestled in the corner, slipping into disrepair.

One day in fond remembering I went to take a look.

I started laughing oh so hard my body shook and shook.

Frozen handle, bottom missing, all the words were gone.

Joy overwhelmed me, no longer it’s lowly pawn.

Life’s a grand adventure, don’t worry what might be missed.

There is excitement at every turn, without a stupid bucket list.

 James C Arnold

Our next meeting will be held on March 3, 2016 and we will enter our pieces for the annual EWC writing contest at on that night.  The topic for the 150 word roll call piece will be a dialogue with a  leprechaun.  Hope to see you then.


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