The January 2016 Meeting of EWC

The January meeting of the Enid Writers’ Club featured Margo Holmes, Adult Services Librarian, who told us about all the new programs at the Enid Public Library.  We were all amazed at what  was available these days – not just books!

The 150 Roll Call piece was won by Paula Benge.  It was titled “I remember the Day My Husband Proposed:”

I remember the day I got engaged because I think I’m still waiting on my husband to propose.  He was a resourceful guy and I was, surprise, surprise, scared to commit.

It was June, a few days before my birthday. I thought he must really like me to take me to the mall. It wasn’t his favorite place. But while I was looking ahead to the food court, he held my hand and asked if I’d like golf clubs or a ring for my birthday. I didn’t quite get it and laughed at him, as I usually do, then asked what kind of ring. Whatever kind I wanted he said. When I didn’t say golf clubs right away, he opened the door to the jewelry store.

I didn’t need to run because I hadn’t committed, but he was the smart one. He didn’t ask a yes or no question.

The next meeting will be held on February 4, 2016 at 6:30 in the Conference Room at NWOSU (30th and Randolph).  Our speaker for the evening will be Lucie Smoker and she will tell us about writer’s retreats and scholarships to pay for them.  See you then!




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