Meeting on December 3, 2015 and Christmas Party

Christmas tree II    Our December 3rd meeting was our annual Christmas Party and gift exchange.  Peter Roller won the Roll Call entry with his 150 word piece titled “Clyde.” The Roll Call writing for December was to be about an Enid Memory/History.  Here is Peter’s story:


by Peter Roller

Some people don’t know when to quit, don’t show good sense no how. That was the word on Clyde. Born in Iowa, raised in Kansas he did know about farming and machines and ended up in Enid at 29 working in autos.

But Clyde wasn’t really satisfied and wanted to start a business of his own. Problem was them ideas failed. Not once or twice, but thirteen times before the first hint of success and that was a disaster as well. So when Clyde went looking for money in Enid the Bankers who scoffed at him and mocked his ideas said no. Finally tired of rejection he went to New York and eventually back to Kansas.

Now Clyde eventually did start that business. The town; Wichita. The business, he gave it his last name, Cessna, and Enid didn’t have to worry about the birdman as they called him no more.


The next meeting will be January 7, 2016 and the program will be led by Librarian, Margo Holmes, from the Enid Public Library.  She will tell us what all is going on at the local library at this time.

The roll call writing for January will be titled “I remember the Day. . . ” See you in January!




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