December 3, 2015 Meeting

Christmas 2014    Our next meeting will be 6:30, December 3, 2015 at NWOSU.  It will be our annual Christmas party and meeting.  Our roll call writing for the evening is an Enid memory/history.  This memory does not have to be about the holidays, but it may if you want to incorporate that into your piece.  We will all bring a snack to share and a gift suitable for a writer not to exceed $10.00 for our gift exchange.  Since we are not having a program for the evening, we can have a short business meeting and share what you are working on or just socialize with your club.

OWFI contest entries are quickly upon us.  If you plan to enter this year, entries begin on December 1, 2015 through February 1, 2016. I would suggest that you enter before February in case of a problem with your entry.  Hopefully, the electronic entries will be easier this year and the bugs are out of the system.

The contest entries for EWC are due by the March 3rd meeting and you can enter some of the same things you entered for OWFI if you would like.  Check the contest categories for EWC and you will find that many of them mirror the OWFI categories. If you still need a copy of the categories, let me know.


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