Enid Writers Club 2015 – 2016 Roll Calls and Programs

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These are the Roll Call pieces and programs planned for this year. Please remember to bring your 150 word Roll Call (RC) piece on the subject for that month. There will be a vote for the best piece and a traveling trophy will be awarded. Can’t wait to see you this fall!

Sept. 4, 2015
RC: Write in Point of View that is new or unusual to you, any subject
(1st, (I) 2nd, (you) or 3rd (he/she) person point of view in any tense you chose – it is great exercise to help us step out of the box)
Program: Curtis Tucker, owner of Enid Buzz
The annual dues of $15.00 are to be paid at this meeting as well as the $20.00 OWFI fee if you want to join that organization as well.

Oct. 1, 2015
RC Write about someone who died
Program: Veronica Fuxa, Enid author of Red Smoke

Nov. 5, 2015
RC: Write about “When I tried to back out of my driveway…”
Program: Mike Klaassen, fiction author from Wichita

Dec. 3, 2015
RC: An Enid memory/history
Program: Christmas Party – please bring a present appropriate for a writer (not to exceed $10.00) and a snack to share. We will not have a program for this meeting.

Jan. 7, 2016
RC: “I remember the day…”
Program: Margo Holmes, Enid Librarian, will talk about what is happening at our local library

Feb. 4, 2016
RC: One or two items from your Bucket List (don’t have one, make one)
Program: To be announced

Mar. 4, 2016
RC: Dialogue with a Leprechaun – the piece should be in dialogue only and tell a story
Program: To be announced
We will appoint a committee to search for officers for the following year at this meeting

April 7, 2016
RC: Write something that involves all FIVE senses
Program: Lucie Smoker, Residencies and fellowships that invest in your creative process
We will vote on the officers for next year at this meeting

May 5, 2016
Awards Banquet – there will be no program this time. Instead we will have our annual banquet and awards. New officers will be installed at this banquet


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