November Winning Roll Call for the Mystery Genre

What Happened at Midnight?

Bobby Mardis

“The dense fog persists for days. Townfolk, passersby on our twisted cobbled streets, can recognize no one until they are within a few feet from one another. Sounds of foot traffic or barking dogs are muffled to the extent I begin to fear I’ve lost my hearing. Yet, last night

as the mantel clocked struck the midnight hour, I thought I heard the faint sound of a scream but it faded before I could investigate. As a muted dawn broke, I discovered my front door wide open and lying across the threshold was…”

Molly shivered and closed her great-grandfather’s leather-bound journal. She found the book while exploring her ancestor’s long-abandoned house in London.  Why had he not finished the sentence? Did someone come in and find him at his desk while he was recording his discovery?

What had he seen? Would she ever find out?

Dennis Porter Obituary



September 05, 1925 – November 15, 2020

The legend Dennis L. Porter, 95, of Enid passed November 15, 2020. Services will be held privately under the direction of Brown-Cummings Funeral Home.

Condolences may be made to the family online at As one of Oklahomaʼs oldest single family owned and operated providers of funerals and cremations, Brown-Cummings is the name families have turned to for generations. They fully understand the honor and responsibility entrusted to them to preserve the story of oneʼs life. Visit 400 W. Maple, Enid, OK 73701. Call: (580) 237-5432.

November 2020 Enid Writers Club Meeting

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Roll Call — 150 Words in the mystery genre

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September Roll Call Winner – Paula Benge

Our Roll Call pieces have been voted on and Paula Benge won for the month of September.  Here is her piece.


Paula Benge  – EWC roll call September 2020

150 words


2020, the year that the world tilted off its axle, as if it took a right jab and got stuck seeing stars, with newscasters giving play-by-play.

A million months ago, in January, I fed Polish students Thanksgiving dinner. Two months later, the world run out of toilet paper. It was on tv. I didn’t panic. Historically, humans always had something to use, even before Charmin was trademarked. I kept my chin up. A rookie mistake—in boxing, your chin is down so your brain doesn’t get sloshed from one side to the other after, say, a right jab.

We were on the mat and television was saying stay down. Loved ones were shut out or shut in. Access to haircuts rivalled internet access. Masks didn’t matter—then they did. Life was bizarrely stranger than any fiction. Then, I waved a finger. Not in surrender. The tv perished with one push.