Roll Call Topics for Enid Writers Club 2019-2020

EWC Roll Call Topics for 2019-2020 

Sep 5     Roll Call piece – If I were a superhero, I’d be a . . . 

Oct 3      Roll Call piece – Choose an undesirable or misunderstood animal for a pet 

Nov 7     Roll Call piece – A story about a trip or a story set where you’d like to go or have been. 

Dec 5     Roll Call piece – write a Christmas story with a character or characters from a favorite movie or book. 

Jan 9      Roll Call piece – a story that rhymes 

Feb 6     Roll Call piece – You trip in front of a puddle and fall into another dimension 

Mar 5    Roll Call piece – And the wind blew . . . 

Apr 6     Roll Call piece – Write a tall tale or lie 

May 7    Annual banquet, no roll call topic


Enid Writers Club and Enid Arts and Humanities Council Present a Summer Writing Workshop

    Author and writing instructor Nikki Hanna will speak at the Enid Public Library on July 27, 2019 from 1:00 to 4:30.  This event is free to the public through the Enid Writers Club by way of a grant from the Enid Arts and Humanities Council. Nikki’s subjects for this workshop are “Write with Voice, Style and Humor” and “Capture Life Through Memoir— Writing the Hard Stuff.” Nikki is from Tulsa and is dedicated to championing both novice and seasoned writers. We will meet in the Great Plains room and refreshments will be provided. Join us for an informative afternoon of writing tips with like minds.

Summer Break!

The Enid Writers Club is taking a summer break.  We will resume meetings on September 5, 2019 6:30 at NWOSU Conference room.  We meet the first Thursday of each month September through May.  We’d love to see you!

Enid Writers Club Holds Annual Writing Contest

The Enid Writers Club held their annual writing contest and here are the results.


18 Entries from 7 members

 CATEGORY 1, Short Story

             Bobbie Mardis                        Jake and Jenny 

CATEGORY 2, Essay or Memoir 

            Paula Benge                            What is Intimacy?

            Karla Sullivan                          The Pink Kitchen

            Martha Draper                        Strings Attached

CATEGORY 3, Flash Fiction       

            Peggy Chambers                     What’s That Smell?

            Bobbie Mardis                        The Kiss

            Martha Draper                        Thanks, Kokopelli 

CATEGORY 4, Poetry, Rhymed or Unrhymed 

            Karla Sullivan                          5th Floor

            Karen Evans                            Angels Fly

            Martha Draper                        Please, Fall

            Shelley Culver (Crabtree)       Mouse Doom 

CATEGORY 5, Humor 

            Martha Draper                        Homeless Typewriter

            Karla Sullivan                          One That Got Away

            Paula Benge                            How I Got Saddle Sores

            Peggy Chambers                     I Was Okay Until They Burned the Popcorn 

CATEGORY 6, Juvenile Short Story 

            Martha Draper                        Saved By a Trio of Toys

            Paula Benge                            Mighty Millie

            Bobbie Mardis                        The Purple Haired Man

The club will take a break for the summer and resume meetings on the first Thursday of September at NWOSU.